- günstige Preise
- hohe Verfügbarkeit (99,98%)
- optimal schnell
- Hosting seit fast 9 Jahren
- Support auch am SA/SO
- hohe Sicherheit
- Domain-Selbstverwaltung
- Nameserver inklusive
- auch für Reseller

MWI - Anmeldung unverbindlich

- Anmeldung 100% gratis
- unverbindliche Vorschau
- höchste Datensicherheit
- Freischaltung direkt online

You can change later to a other operating system!
 Product:   VM vServer Large
Operating-System: List too old OS-Versions
 Price yearly: 
 142.59 €
 Setup Costs:
 -35.57 €
 107.01 €
 Prices included the 21.00 % IVA (MwSt/Vat)!
 The correct TAX % will been calculated in the next steps of order process!!
 For clients outside EU or with EU-IVA-Number, the TAX will been reduced to 0%!
 No shipping costs! The performance data of the well-chosen
 product is listed below. You must accept our Terms & Conditions!


Diskspace100 GB
CPU1 Core
ATTENTION: Is strongly forbidden to change the network settings for
XFCE/VNC-Servers! Been careful with updates/upgrades about not
changing of this settings too!
Admin-Interface with Start/Stop/Restart/Neuinstallation/Change OS
Diferent Operating-Systems with XFCE / VNC selectable, momently:
Debian 7.6 Wheezy 64 Bit - XFCE-Desktop / Fedora 20 - 64 Bit - XFCE-Desk-
top / Ubuntu 14.04 XFCE-Desktop all with VNC !
And too is selectable Debian 7.6 Lightweight 64 Bit w/o XFCE/VNC!
Flat-Rate: Traffic in normal usable is included. We hold the right to
change the speed down to 10 MBit/sec as you use more Traffic as
20-times of the used Diskspace.
For backups, the customer is responsible!
Our terms and the contract for root-servers is obligatory!